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15 November 2010

APPSC AEE Civil-Mechanical Model Questions-Books

AEE Written Examination contains 3 papers. Paper 2 is common paper for both Civil and Mechanical candidates. There will be 150 questions for 150 marks and you need to answer them in 150 minutes. Subject for this paper are Strength of Materials, Hydraulic Machines and Fluid Mechanics. Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics are very basic subjects for Civil and Mechanical branches candidates. You have to remember various formulae without any confusion.

For example: In Thin cylinder topic following formulae are there:
1) Hoop Stress = Pd/2t
2) Longitudinal Stress= Pd/4t
3) Shear stress= Pd/8t

All the questions in paper 2 will be in Objective Multiple choice type only. Solving old GATE, IES, UPSC papers will help you in scoring decent marks. Following are some example questions:

1) The maximum value of Poissions ratio is -----
1) 1
2) 0
3) 0.2
4) 0.7
Answer: 1

2) The critical depth in rectangular channel is given by the relation ------
1) QT/gA=1
2) QT2 / gA2=1
3) QT3/ gA2=1
4) Q2T/ gA3=1
Answer: 2

Paper - 3 Preparation and Model Questions:

In Paper 3, about 40 percent questions will be asked on problems and 60 percent on theory. But in Paper -2, 70 percent of the questions will be from problems and remaining 30 percent will be on theory topics.

Paper -3 Important Topics (Civil Engineering)

1. Civil Engineering : Building Materials: Specifications, Typical values of different materials, Chemical composition of materials, merits and demerits
2. Structural Analysis: Strength of materials, Columns, Beams, Multi storied buildings, Slope, deflections.
3. R.C.C.: Composition of cement, concrete, sand and water, prestressed concrete structures, different grades of cements.
4. Construction planning and management: C.P.M., P.E.R.T.
5. Surveying and Transportation Engineering: Chain lengths, Temperature errors, Line of Collimation, Temporary adjustment of Theodolyte, Contours, design of pavements, National Highways, Super elevation, Global position, Different tests on Bitumen Asphalt..
6. Water Resources Engineering: Runoff, Rainfall Intensity, Catchment area, Unit of Hydrograph, Capacity of Reservoirs, Water logging, creep theory, different crop seasons, types of irrigation, duty - delta - base period.
7.Environmental Engineering: BOD, COD Plf, Water pollution, Air pollution, Sound pollution, Sewage.
8. Soil Machanics: Classification of Soils, Plasticity, liquid limit, plastic limit, Bearing capacity of soils, piles, active earth pressure, passive earth pressure, Rankine's Theory, Design of foundation.

Model Questions:

1. When is the angle of Internal friction of soil, passive earth pressure of soil is proportional to...
1) Tan (450 - )
2) Tan(450-)
3) Tan 2 (45-)
4) Tan2 (450)

2. The % of carbon in steel is...
1) 0.12 to 0.2
2) 0.15 to 1.5
3) 1 to 3
4) 2 to 4.5

3. Ductility test value of Bitumen is expressed in
1) mm
2) kg
3) c
4) /0c

4. The diameter of the area of a standard Symon's type rain gauge...
1) 5 cm
2) 7.5 cm
3) 10 cm
4) 12.7 cm

5. Irrigation for cereal crop is generally done by
1) Check flooding
2) Basin flooding
3) Furrow flooding
4) Sub-surface Irrigation

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