15 November 2010

APPSC AEE Electrical Engineering Model Questions - Books

There are 163 posts for Electrical Engineering candidates in APPSC AEE Recruitment Notification 2010. Paper 2 consist of 150 objective multiple choice questions for 150 marks. This is good opportunity for EEE students to grab a government job with some hard work. Important topics for EEE candidates in AEE written examination paper 2 are Electrical Circuits, Measurements, Electrical Machines and Illumination. Following are topic wise suggestions:

1. Electrical Circuits is a basic subject. Thorough preparation of concepts in this topic will be useful for other papers also.
2. In Electrical Machines subject, topics like principles, construction, performance and application are more important.
3. You can expect question from measurement of parameters, properties and errors.
4. In Illumination, topics such as units, laws, lamps and their application are important topics.

Following are some example questions:

1. Time constant of energy response in R-L Circuits is
1) L/R
2. L/2R
3. L/3R
4. L/4R
Answer: 2

2. In a transformer zero regulation occurs at
1. Leading p.f.
2. Laging p.f.
3. Unity p.f.
4. Any of the above
Answer: 1

3. The direction of dynamically induced emf is determined by
1. Lenz/s Law
2. Flemings right hand rule
3. Both 1 and 2
4. Flemings left hand rule
Answer: 2

Here are some useful books for Paper-2 of AEE (Electrical Engineering) Written Examination:

1. Electrical Circuits by Hyte and Kimmerly
2. Electrical Measurements by A.K. Sahani
3. Electrical Machines by P.S. Bhimbra
4. Electrical Machines by I.J. Nagrath & D.P. Kothari
5. Utilisation of Electrical Energy by C.L. Wadhwa

Paper -3 Electrical Engineering : Important Topics

1. Transmission and distribution: Performance of Transmission lines, Carona, Ferrantic, Skin effect, Sag, Types of conductors.
2. Generating stations: Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear Stations.
3. Fault analysis: Formula based questions.
4. Protection: Circuit Breaker Application, Application of Relays.
5. Economic Aspects: Problems, Graffs, Tariff calculations
6. Drives, motors application

Useful Books for Electrical Engineering (Paper-3)

1. Power System by C.L. Wadhwa
2. Power Systems by Sony, Gupta
3. Utilization of Electrical Energy by J.B. Gupta

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