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25 December 2013

VRO an VRA Material in Eenadu Pratibha and Sakshi Education Portals

Leading education and career portals / websites in Andhra Pradesh, and are providing study material, bit bank and model questions for VRO and VRA recruitment 2013 - 2014 . Following is the brief review of Eenadu Pratibha and Sakshi Education websites with respect to VRO and VRA recruitment coverage.

1) The portal offers subject wise study material for all the subjects like General Studies, Arithmetic and Logical Skills. General Studies material includes History, Economics, Geography, Civics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Current Affairs.

Arithmetic and Logical Skills subjects cover all the related topics such as time and distance, ratios, percentages, coding - decoding, blood relations, work and time etc. But the quantity of content should be increased.

VRO and VRA Recruitment - Latest News 2013 - 2014

VRO and VRA Recruitment 2013 - 2014 - Model Questions

2) The portal is a bit late in offering the material and other resources for VRO and VRA examination. The portal offer study material, model and previous question papers along with practice material.

Eenadu Pratibha portal is offering online tests for VRO and VRA exams. Though the exams will be conducted in offline mode, the online tests will help candidates to assess themselves. You can also download model question papers and previous papers.

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