17 September 2015

TSPSC Groups Telangana Geography Bits for General Studies Paper

1) Extent of National Highways in Telangana state is..?
Ans: 2592 KMs

2) Byraities reserved are available in Telangana in the district of..?
Ans: Khammam

3) Telangana is in which position in the production of eggs in India?
Ans: Third position

4) Which district is mostly irrigated through lakes in Telangana?
Ans: Warangal

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5) River Godavari enters into Telangana at..?
Ans: Kandakurthi

6) Who climbed the Everest from Telangana state?
Ans: Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar and Malavat Purna

7) The extent of proposed Hyderabad - Nagpur Industrial Corridor?
Ans: 585 Kms

8) Foundation stone for the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar dam was laid on...?
Ans: 10 December 1955

9) Telangana state was majorily covered with which soils?
Ans: Red soil

10) Papi Kondalu is located in which district?
Ans: Khammam district

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