01 October 2015

TSPSC Groups and General Studies - Hyderabad Geography

Hyderabad the joint capital city of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
states. The city is located in central Telangana part. Following are
some important geographical features of Hyderabad City.

1) It is spread over an area of 260 sq. km.
2) Hyderabad lies in the Deccan Plateau and rises to an average height
of 536 m above the sea level.
3) The city lies at 17.366° Northern latitude and 78.476° Eastern longitude.

Landscape: Hyderabad City is blessed with a unique landscape. The
spectacular rock formations of about 2,500 million years old are
amongst the oldest and hardest rocks in the world.

1) The city's main soil type is red sandy with areas of black cotton soil.
2) Hyderabad is comparatively secure against natural calamities. The
city falls in the seismic zone-II and it is seismically least exposed
to earthquakes.
3) Hyderabad do not has sea coast does making it free of floods and tsunamis.