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02 January 2016

Current Affairs MCQs Bits for TSPSC Groups and Other Exams - 2016

Following are objective multiple choice questions from Current Affairs - National (January 2015). The bits / questions are useful for the candidates going to appear for TSPSC and other recruitment examinations like UPSC, SSC and other state level exams.

1) AAP Means
a) Aam Aadmi Party
b) Aam Ayojana Party
c) Admi Aayog party
d) Aam Aadmin Front
Answer: a

2) Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed belongs to which of the following parties?
a) Congress b) BJP c) PDP d) JKLF
Answer: c

3) Vyapam Scam is related to which of the following issues?
a) Admission and recruitment scandal in Madhya Pradesh
b) Corruption in Roads and Buildings Dept in MP
c) Malpractices in Promotions of Govt Officers in MP
d) Trafficking of women in Madhya Pradesh
Answer: a

4) India has signed a land mark bill to settle the 41-year-old border issue with which of the following countries:
a) Pakistan b) Tibet c) China d) Bangladesh
Answer: d

5) The Dosti Bus Service is between which of the following cities?
a) Delhi and Islamabad
b) Delhi and Lahore
c) Delhi and Ravalpindi
d) Delhi and Dhaka
Answer: b

6) Identify the Filmmaker was appointed as chairperson of the Censor Board of India?
a) Anupam Kher
b) Girish Karnad
c) Pahlaj Nihalani
d) Jaya Badhuri
Answer: c

7) Indian - American author Jhumpa Lahiri wins the USD 50,000 DSC Prize for Literature, one of South Asia's
top literary awards for her book titled?
a) The Highland
b) The Lowland
c) The Middleland
d) The Underground
Answer: b

8) Balasore is known for which of the following?
a) Satellite launching center in Odisha
b) Farmer suicides in Odisha
c) Organic Farming in Odisha
d) Higher Education in Odisha
Answer: a

9) Agni - V was launched from?
a) Sriharikota b) balasore
c) Chandipur d) Bangalore
Answer: b