09 January 2016

TSPSC Group 2 Bits for Economy and Development Paper 3

Following are objective multiple choice questions (MCQs) for TSPSC
Group 2 written examination. The questions are related to Economy and
Development Paper (Paper 3) of TSPSC Group 2 syllabus. These bits are
also useful for TSPSC Group 1 Prelims exam.

1) The Silent Spring book is authored by?
a) Rachel Carson
b) Mishan
c) Midows
d) Brundtland
Answer: a

2) The Cost of Economic Growth book written by?
a) Rachel Carson
b) Mishan
c) Medows
d) Brundtland
Answer: b

3) Limits to Growth book written by?
a) Adam Smith
b) Malthus
c) Medows
d) Amartya Sen
Answer: c

4) Our Common Future - written by?
a) Brundtland
b) Adam Smith
c) Mahalanobis
d) Nauroji
Answer: a

5) Biodiversity concept is used for the first time by?
a) Walter Rosen
b) Allen Niece
c) Lamark
d) Barbier
Answer: a

6) The word Ecosystem is first used by?
a) Charles Darwin
b) Gregor Mendal
c) Lamark
d) A G Tanslay
Answer: d

7) The word Sustainability is first coined and used by?
a) European Forest Officers
b) Asian Forest Officers
c) African Forest Officers
d) American Forest Officers
Answer: a

8) The concept of Tragedy of Commons is introduced by?
a) William Foster Lloyd
b) Garett Hardin
c) David Recordo
d) Collin Clark
Answer: a

9) Who introduced the conept of pollution tax?
a) Solo
b) Rotov
c) Pigue
d) Nelson
Answer: c

10) Who introduced the concept of Social Cost?
a) JS Mill
b) A C Pigue
c) Malthus
d) Recordo
Answer: b