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08 February 2016

General English for TSPSC Group 2, Constables and SI Exams, RRB Non Technical Posts - 2016

Following are General English important model questions for General Studies and General Abilities paper of TSPSC Group 2/ Group 1, TSLPRB Constables / SI exams, RRB exams for non technical posts. The General English questions cover topics like articles correction of sentences, antonyms, synonyms, fill in the blanks etc.

1. Once upon a time (a)/ there was a village (b)/ where people lead (c)/ a very happy life. (d) - Spot the Error

2. One day teacher went back (a)/ to the school to finding out (b)/ that being on the other side of the desk (c)/ is a very different experience (d) - Spot the Error

3. Our mind is like a garden (a) which can either be intelligently (b) cultivated (c) or be allowed to run wilde (d). - Find wrongly spelt word

4. Reveal ............ (Opposite Word)
a) Stop b) Conceal c) Present d) Pending

5. ABODE = .......... (Meaning)
a) Stop b) Mountain c) Plenty d) House

6. The little boy appeared all of a sudden out of nowhere and take everyone by surprise (Improve Sentence)
a) took everyone as surprised b) take everyone with surprised
c) took everyone by surprises d) took everyone by surprise

7. He drives at a speed of 90 miles ...... hour
a) An b) A c) The d) A/An

8. I will arrive sometime .......... 3 and 4 pm.
a) In b) Between c) Next to d) On

9. Did the police catch the thief? (Change into passive voice)
a) Was the thief catch by the police
b) Were the thief catch by the police
c) Did the thief catch by the police
d) Was the thief caught by the police

10. Which is correct?
a) Each of these books are useful to the college students
b) Each of these books is useful to the college students
c) Each of these books has useful to the college students
d) Each of these book is useful to the college students

11. He said, ''I' m watching a movie'' (Change into indirect speech)
a) He said that he is watching a movie
b) He said that he had been watching a movie
c) He said that he has been watching a movie
d) He said that he was watching a movie

12. He is eating a mango, .......... ?
a) Isn't he b) Is he c) Are he d) Aren't he

13. When the bomb went off, It broke ........
a) all our windows b) all windows of us
c) our all windows d) all windows to us

14. The number of ......... is more in the organisation.
a) Employee b) Employees
c) Employee's d) Employees'

15. Ganesh and Ranjith don't like Science, .........?
a) Does they? b) Doesn't they?
c) Did they? d) Do they?


1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-b, 5-d, 6-d, 7-a, 8-b, 9-d, 10-b, 11-d, 12-a, 13-a, 14-b, 15-d.