02 February 2016

General English for TSPSC Groups, RRB, LIC and IBPS Exams

Competitive / Recruitment exams such as TSPSC / APPSC Group 2, Group 1
etc, RRB, LIC - AAOs, and various bank exams will a section / some
questions on General English. These covers topics like prepositions,
parts of speech, articles, etc. Following are some model questions on

One of the most difficult areas in English is the use of Prepositions.
The only way one can learn Prepositions is by using them. As such, a
preposition is a word or group of words placed before a noun or
pronoun. Prepositions are used to indicate place, position, time,
method, etc.,

Read the following sentence:
The cat is hiding under the table.
The word 'under' is a preposition placed before the noun 'table' and
the preposition shows the relationship (link) between the 'cat' and
the table. Let's study the preposition in detail since it is a
marks-fetching grammatical item.

Kinds of Prepositions:

Prepositions of Place: In, on, at, to, for, from, by, over, above,
below, behind, before, after, between, among, against, near, round,
under, inside, opposite, outside, underneath. The prepositions in the
list above indicate
place in the sentences given hereunder. Study them.

1. The car is waiting at the traffic lights.
2. What time did you get to Delhi?
3. There is no enmity between you and me.
4. The dog is running round the tree.
5. Don't lean against the wall.
6. We live further down on the opposite side of the road.
7. Our house is among the trees.
8. Ruthika lives at Hanuman street in Boath.

Prepositions of Direction:

Along, across, up, down, into, onto, past, towards, off, through,
etc., Study the sentences below and note the prepositions that
indicate direction.

1. A bird flew into the room through a window.
2. She put a blanket over the sleeping child.
3. Pothanna fell off the ladder and fractured his hand.
4. The thief got into the house through the window.

Ex (1): Fill in the blanks with Prepositions of place.
1. Abhinav spoke to Karthik ....... his hands ....... his pockets.
2. The plane left ....... Chennai a minute ago.
3. The hunter aimed his gun ....... the bird.
4. Is this the train ....... Adilabad?

Ex (2): Fill in the blanks with the prepositions of Direction.
1. Abhinav and Karthik were heading ....... Pakistan border.
2. There are several apartments ....... both sides of the highway in Mumbai.
3. Jashwanth hurried ....... them without stopping.
4. There is an old bridge ....... the river.

Prepositions of Time: In, on, at, to, for, from, by, before, after, during,
since, till/ until, between, etc. Study the following sentences and
note the use of prepositions of time.
1. We should not speak during the meal.
2. We were tired after our visit to the zoo.
3. Our relatives arrived on the morning of tenth.
4. The plane takes off at 7.10, so you had better be at the aerodrome by 6.30.

Common Prepositions: In, on, at, to, for, from, about, of, with (out) etc.,
Study these examples and know how the commonly used prepositions
govern the sentences.
1. Geetanjali was written by Tagore.
2. Gauthami bought earrings for Rs.2,000/-
3. Don't go out in the rain without umbrella.
4. Are you fond of eating sweets?
5. Don't worry about the result.

Ex. (3): Fill in the blanks with prepositions of time.
1. Everybody is nervous ......... exams.
2. I will be away ......... Tuesday.
3. We played cricket ......... hours.
4. The dog has been barking ......... I arrived.

Ex. (4): Fill in the blanks with common prepositions.
1. What are you talking .........?
2. The man ......... black is very tall.
3. The godown is infested ......... rats.


Ex (1): 1. with, in 2. for 3. at 4. for
Ex (2): 1. towards 2. along 3. past 4. across
Ex.(3): 1. before 2. until 3. for 4. since
Ex.(4): 1. about 2. in 3. with.

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