02 February 2016

General English - Prepositions for TSPSC, RRB, LIC and Bank Recruitment Exams

Candidates appearing for TSPSC / APPSC Groups exams, RRB, LIC - AAOs
and Bank exams are often confused in using correct prepositions, as
part of General English section. Let's now turn our attention to it. ✪
At / in: 'At' is used with village, small towns, an address, etc.,
'In' can be used with countries, large towns, cities, etc.,

Eg: i) Chiranjeevi lives at Banjarahills in Hyderabad.
ii) My aunt and uncle are in America these days.

In / into: 'In' is used to show position of things at rest and 'into'
is used with a verb of motion to indicate entrance.
Eg: i) The milk is in the fridge.
ii) Shailaja poured the milk into the saucepan.

Between / among: 'Between' is used with two persons or things and
'among' with more than two.
Eg: i) She divided the cake between her son and daughter.
ii) The Rajputs quarrelled among themselves.

Beside / besides: 'Beside' means by the side of or next to and besides
means in addition to.
Eg: i) Sridhar came and sat beside Shailender.
ii) Hema has no family besides her parents.