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07 April 2016

APPSC New Syllabus - General English for Groups Exams 2016

Following is the proposed new syllabus of APPSC (Andhra Pradesh Public
Service Commission) for various Groups examinations. This is the new
syllabus for General English section, which is qualifying in nature.
The APPSC will implement the new syllabus for the new recruitments
from 2016.

(X Class Standard, Qualifying for interview)

SECTION - I (Reading Comprehension)

1. Reading comprehension passage (followed by questions)
a) Descriptive Passage
b) Literary Passage

SECTION - II (Functional Grammar)

1. Recognition of Parts of Speech
2. Verb forms – Usage of Tenses
3. Conditional Sentences
4. Identifying and Inter Change of Sentences
(Simple, Complex and Compound) (Active and Passive voice)
5. Use of Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable words
7. Correction of Sentences.

SECTION - III (Vocabulary Usage)

1. Use the given Idioms and Phrases in your own Sentences
2. One Word Substitutes – Recognition and Usage
3. Synonyms – Recognition and Usage
4. Antonyms – Recognition and Usage
5. Re – arrangement of Sentences
6. Expansion of Proverbl Sayings

SECTION - IV (Composition)

1. Write a Paragraph using the given Words/Phrases
2. Dialogue Writing
3. Essay Writing on Topics of Social relevance
4. Descrition of a given picture/ symbols
5. Letter Writing (Types of Letters)
6. Non – Verbal Communication (Soft skills and Body Language)

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