01 April 2016

RRB Non Technical Exam Reasining Questions - 2016

Directions (Q.No: 1-3): Read the following information and answer the following questions below.
Bindu is standing exactly in the middle of a line of girls. Asha is 6 th to the left of Bindu and Ritu is 16 th to Bindu's right.

1. What is Asha's position in the line?
A) 22 B) 12 C) 18 D) 11

2. What should be the minimum number of girls in the line?
A) 27 B) 28 C) 33 D) 30

3. What is Bindu's position in the line?
A) 11 B) 14 C) 16 D) 17

4. If A's sister's husband is B's mother-in-law's son-in-law, how is A related to B?
A) Father B) Father-in-law
C) Brother-in-law D) Husband

5. Where is the headquarters of Interpol located?
A) Paris B) London C) Lyon D) Brussels

6. Which of the following is called Aurum?
A) Bronze B) Gold C) Silver D) Copper

7. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger are associated with?
A) Wikipedia B) Nokia C) Samsung D) Google

8. CAT : MOUSE as SNAKE : ?

9. Fill in the blank: sin A = ....... × cos A
A) sin A B) tan A C) cot A D) cos A

10. 'Queensberry rules' is the code followed in which sport?
A) Tennis B) Cricket C) Boxing D) Equestrian

11. Who is called the Frontier Gandhi?
A) Gopala Krishna Gandhi
B) Mahatma Gandhi
C) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
D) Subhash Chandra Bose

12. Which building currently holds the record for being the tallest in the World?
A) Burj Khalifa B) Petronas
C) Warsaw radio mast
D) Shanghai World financial centre

13. The average age of 27 students of a class is 22. If the age of the teacher is also added to their ages, then the average increases by one. Find the age of the teacher.
A) 52 B) 58 C) 50 D) 62

14. In a certain code language. North = West, South = East, East = North, which direction does the sun rise?
A) East B) West C) North D) South

15. Smita can finish a work in 12 days and Shyam can finish the same work in 9 days. After working together for 4 days they both leave the job. What is the fraction of unfinished work?
A) 1/7 B) 5/9 C) 2/9 D) 3/4

16. Which of the following is a land locked country?
A) Azerbaijan B) Kazakhstan C) Pakistan D) Bangladesh

17. 'E' is related to 'BH' in the same way as 'N' is related to?

18. Find the mean of the first 6 prime numbers?
A) 15/3 B) 6 C) 41/6 D) 12/2

19. Zica virus is transmitted to humans by ....
A) Rat B) Mosquitoes C) Cockroach D) Rabbits

20. Who was the first to score a perfect 10 in Olympics in gymnastics?
A) Nadia Comaneci
B) Daniela Silivas
C) Alexander Dityatin
D) Mary Lou Retton

21. Which of the following is reared for its fleece / fiber?
A) Alpaca B) Alabama C) Apache D) Alluvial

22. How many medals did India win in the 2012 summer Olympics?
A) 0 B) 3 C) 6 D) 8

23. Which is the largest fresh water lake in the World?
A) Lake Victoria B) Lake Erie
C) Lake Superior D) Lake Ontario

24. World environment day is observed on ......
A) February 18 B) May 26 C) June 5 D) September 2

25. What did Edward Jenner pioneer?
A) Vaccination B) Electrocution
C) Dialysis D) Open heart surgery

26. Which of the following is the name of a medieval Indian book on mathematics?
A) Vastushastra B) Leelavati
C) Panchadashi D) Roopmati

27. A certain sum when invested at 5% interest compounded annually for 3 years yields an interest of Rs.2,522. Find the Principal?
A) Rs.12,522 B) Rs.15,200
C) Rs.16,000 D) Rs.17,200


1-D; 2-C; 3-D; 4-D; 5-C; 6-B; 7-A; 8-B; 9-B; 10-C; 11-C; 12-A; 13-C; 14-C; 15-C; 16-B; 17-B; 18-C; 19-B; 20-A; 21-A; 22-C; 23-C; 24-C; 25-A; 26-B; 27-C.

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