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31 May 2016

460 Group 2 Posts in Telangana - TSPSC to issue Notifications in 2016

The Government of Telangana will be issuing recruitment notification for another 460 Group 2 posts in the coming days. The Group 2 vacancies will be filled on priority basis in various departments in different phases. The TSPSC has already issued notification for 439 Group 2 posts and the recruitment process is under progress for these posts.

The Chief Minister KCR has announced that the Government will fill 1000 Group 2 vacancies including the 439 posts that have been already announced by TSPSC. The details of vacancies have been collected from various Government departments and Revenue department has submitted more number of posts than others.

The total number of Group 2 posts will reach to 900 along with the latest vacancies submitted by various departments to Government of Telangana.

The Government is proposed to fill the vacancies in revenue department initially and vacancies in cooperative department and others will be taken up in due course of time. The Government is also initiated the process of regularisation of contract employees in various departments and posts.