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18 May 2016

TSPSC Telangana DSC Recruitment Notification - 2016

The Government of Telangana has taken a crucial decision with regard
to the Teacher Recruitment / DSC notification 2016. The DSC
recruitment will be conducted by TSPSC (Telangana State Public Service
Commission) instead of DSC (District Selection Committees).

All the posts under DSC like SGT - Secondary Grade Teachers, School
assistants, language pandits, physical education teachers (PETs) will
be filled through TSPSC only.

District selection committees will have no role in DSC recruitment
from 2016 onwards. The Telangana Government has issued orders to this

It is estimated that there are more than 10000 teachers posts in
Telangana to be filled by TSPSC instead of DSCs at the district level.
All the recruitment issues like notification, exam, merit list and
issue of appointment orders will be done by TSPSC.

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