26 June 2016

English Passage for SBI Clerks, POs, IBPS Bank Recruitment Exams

Read the passage with ease. Do not make hurry but see to it that you are not to slow either. Get engaged in the passage. Understand most of the passage. Also know what is there in the passage. Do not try to remember
everything. Get the crux of the passage paragraph wise. Answer by eliminating alternatives.

Directions (1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Once upon a time, there lived a sparrow on a banyan tree. She laid her eggs in the nest. One afternoon a wild elephant came under the tree and in a fit of rage, broke a branch of the tree on which the nest was ..(1)...

Unfortunately, all the eggs of the sparrow ..(2).. after falling down though the sparrow was saved. The sparrow was full of grief and began weeping for her eggs. A woodpecker, a close friend of the sparrow, heard her crying and asked her, 'Why are you crying, my friend'? The ..(3).. elephant has, killed my offspring. If you are a true friend of mine, suggest a way to kill him'. The wood pecker ..(4).. her and told her that he knew a fly and she would definitely help them kill the elephant.

Both of them went to seek the help of the fly. The woodpecker said, 'A wild elephant has crushed my friend's eggs. We need your help in killing him'. The fly replied, 'One of my friends is a frog. Let us go to him and take his help too'. They went to the frog and ..(5).. the whole incident. The frog said, 'what can an elephant do before a united crowd like us'? 'Do what I tell you. Dear fly, you go to the elephant and hum a sweet tune into his ears. When he closes his eyes in delight, the woodpecker will poke his
eyes. This way, he will become ..(6).. . When he gets thirsty, he will ..(7).. for water. I will go to a marshy land and begin croaking there, ..(8).. that there is water, the elephant will come there. He will sink into the marshy area and ..(9)..

The next day in the noon, all of them played out the plan and the elephant was killed, as he drowned into a marshy area after being blinded by the woodpecker, when he closed his eyes in response to the music. Thus, the smartness of all the animals enabled the sparrow, in taking her ..(10).. on the elephant.

1. 1) broken 2) found 3) born 4) built 5) grown
2. 1) survived 2) broke 3) fell 4) escaped 5) damaged
3. 1) poor 2) harmless 3) defective 4) attacking 5) wicked
4. 1) consoled 2) defended 3) ignored 4) protected 5) scolded
5. 1) mention 2) narrated 3) said 4) informed 5) revived
6. 1) sorry 2) dead 3) blind 4) unseen 5) regretful
7. 1) drink 2) demands 3) need 4) want 5) search
8. 1) Assuming 2) Accepting 3) Recalling 4) Informed 5) Sure
9. 1) kill 2) realize 3) hurt 4) die 5) fall
10. 1) insult 2) fight 3) help 4) revenge 5) anger


1-4; 2-2; 3-5; 4-1; 5-2; 6-3; 7-5; 8-1; 9-4; 10-4.

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