26 June 2016

General English - Common Errors Practice Questions for TSPSC, APPSC and Bank Exams

In each of the following questions, there are four sentences. Choose
the correct sentence that has no errors.
1) I don't need your advices.
2) The news is very disappointing.
3) Her hairs are very beautiful.
4) He doesn't know the alphabets of the language.

1) Statistics is a difficult subject.
2) The police has arrested the thief.
3) I met my cousin brother yesterday.
4) While walking on the road we found a
thousand-rupees note.

1) Majority is in favour of the proposal.
2) It is my friend's Kishen's house.
3) The scissors belongs to me.
4) That book is yours, not mine.

1) Neither Rishi nor Khyati are attending
school tomorrow.
2) Six females are working in our office.
3) He fell down from a ten-foot high wall.
4) I send herewith my hearty thank for your timely help.

1) You, I and he are allowed to go.
2) I, you and he are allowed to go.
3) You, he and I are allowed to go.
4) He, I and you are allowed to go.

1) I have eaten two breads.
2) We have purchased many furnitures.
3) Let she say something.
4) If I were he, I would not do it.

1) Poultry are domesticated fowl kept for eggs and meat.
2) The poors should be helped by the riches.
3) My shoe is very expensive.
4) Bring me two dozens oranges.

1) My spectacle is on the table.
2) He has three brothers-in-law.
3) Herself finished the project without taking help from anyone.
4) They who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others.

1) Somebody is crying in the room, isn't somebody?
2) One should respect once teachers.
3) Each of the girls have been given a mango.
4) Neither of the fans is working.

1) I enjoy during summer holidays.
2) We should avail ourselves of our opportunities.
3) His trouser is very tight.
4) Athletics are good for health.

Answers: 1-2; 2-1; 3-4; 4-3; 5-3; 6-4; 7-1; 8-2; 9-4; 10-2.

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