11 July 2016

RBSK Mobile Teams Krishna District - ANM, Pharmacist and Medical Officer Vacancies 2016

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for recruitment of Medical Officers (MBBS and AYUSH) ANMs and Pharmacist to work in Mobile Health  Teams on contract basis for RBSK. Applications may  be  sent  to  the  District  Medical  &  Health  Officer, Krishna,    Parasupeta,  Machilipatnam  (Krishna District)  for which  application  is  made.  The  last  date  of  receivi ng  applications  is  12 July 2016  .

Details of vacancies:

Number of RBSK Teams at 2 per CHNC: 32
MBBS Medical Officers: Male - 24, Female - 24 
AYUSH Medical Officers: Male - 8, Female - 8
ANM (Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife: 32
Pharmacist: 32

Selection Procedure: Selections will be done based on the following criteria:  Total  Marks  are 100  of  which  90 marks  will  be  allotted  basing  on  the  marks  obtained in  qualifying examination and 10 marks will be awarded for the age.

Weightage for age will be reckoned from 18 years of age of the candidate. 0.5 mark  will  be  awarded  for  one  completed  year  of  age  with  a  maximum  of  10 marks. The age will be reckoned as on 1.7.2015. (Example 1. If a candidate completes 20 years as on 1.7.2015, he will be awarded 1.0 mark; Example 2. If a candidate completes 30 years of age as on 1.7.2015, he will be awarded 6.0  marks;  Example  3.  If  a  candidate completes 40 years of age as on 1 July 2015, he will be awarded 10.0 marks).

Consolidated Salary:

1) Medical Officers (Male): 30,000
2) Medical Officers (Female): 30,000
3) Medical officer(AYUSH)(Male): 22,000
4) Medical officer(AYUSH) (Female): 22,000
5) Auxiliary Nurse Midwife: 10,000
6) Pharmacist: 10,000

Application Procedure: Application forms can be obtained from the office of NHM - RBSK of the district concerned. Last date also differs for various districts. For more details, see the website of district concerned.

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