16 July 2016

UPSC Junior Works Managers, Scientific Assistants and Asst Directors in ASI - 2016

Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, New Delhi has announed notification for online recruitment applications (ORA) for the following posts to be filled through direct recruitment. The online applications can be submitted through www.upsconline.nic.in by 28th July 2016. The vacancies are available in Anthropological Survey of India, Ministry of Culture, Department of Culture.

Details of vacancies:

1. One Anthropologist (Cultural Anthropology Division) (OBC-01).
2. One Anthropologist (Physical Anthropology Division) (UR-01).
3. Six Junior Works Managers (Chemical) (SC-02, OBC-02 & UR-02).
4. Four Junior Works Managers (Civil) (OBC-01 & UR-03).
5. Nine Junior Works Managers (Clothing Technology) (SC-01, OBC-02 & UR-06).
6. Five Junior Works Managers (Electrical) (OBC-01 & UR-04).
7. Two Junior Works Managers (Leather Technology) (UR-02).
8. One hundred fifty-three Junior Works Managers (Mechanical) (SC-23, ST-11, OBC-41 & UR-78).

9. Nine Junior Works Managers (Metallurgical) (ST-01, OBC-02 & UR-06).
10. Five Senior Scientific Assistants (Aeronautical) (SC-01, OBC-01 & UR-03).
11. Five Senior Scientific Assistants (Chemical) (OBC-02 & UR-03).
12. Five Senior Scientific Assistants (Computer) (SC-01, OBC-02 & UR-02).
13. Twenty Senior Scientific Assistants (Electronics) (SC-03, ST-02, OBC-05 & UR-10).
14. Ten Senior Scientific Assistants (Electrical) (SC-01, ST-01, OBC-03 & UR-05).
15. Twenty-seven Senior Scientific Assistants (Mechanical) (SC-04, ST-02, OBC-07 & UR-14).
16. Five Senior Scientific Assistants (Metallurgy) (ST-01, OBC-01 & UR-03).
17. One Additional Assistant Director (Safety) (Chemical) (UR-01).
18. Four Additional Assistant Directors (Safety) (Electrical) (ST-01, OBC-01 & UR-02).
19. Five Additional Assistant Directors (Safety) (Mechanical) (SC-01, OBC-02 & UR-02).
20. One Senior Assistant Controller of Mines (SC-01). The post is reserved for Physically Challenged Persons with disability viz. Hearing Impairment {Deaf (D) or Partially Deaf (PD)}.
21. One Assistant Executive Engineer (Mechanical) (UR-01).

Candidates are advised to visit Commission’s ORA Website http://www.upsconline.nic.in. The detailed advertisement along-with ‘Instructions and Additional Information to Candidates for Recruitment by Selection’ has been displayed on Commission’s Website http://www.upsc.gov.in as well as on the Online Recruitment Application (ORA) website http://www.upsconline.nic.in .