29 August 2016

Internships in Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Chennai, Bengaluru in Sales, Content Writing, Web Development and Law Companies - 2016

Following are some internship opportunities for graphic designers, law graduates, marketing and sales and content writing candidates to be offered from September 2016:

1) Grphic Design Internship in The Silver Lining
Stipend: Rs. 5000 per month (work from home)
Qualifications: Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suit, Adobe Dreamweaver.
Last date: 7 September 2016

2) Content Writing Internship in Sehpathee
Stipend: Rs. 4000 - 6000 per month
Qualifications: MS Office, English proficiency in writing
Last date: 4 September

3) Law Internship in Kalva and Kalva
Place: Secunderabad
Stipend: Rs. 5000 - 8000
Qualifications: Candidates from Secunderabad.
Last date: 2 September

4) Business Development Internship in Digital Desk
Place: Hyderabad, Chennai and Visakhapatnam
Stipend: Rs. 5000 - 10000
Qualifications: Proficiency in English
Last date: 2 September

5) Sales and Marketing Internship in KM Electronics Cables
Place: Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore
Stipend: Rs. 2000 per month
Qualifications: MBA, BBA, B.Com and relevant degrees
Last date: 27 September

6) Web Development Internship in Right Doctors Healthcare Technologies
Place: Hyderabad
Stipend: Rs. 2500 - 8000 per month
Qualifications: Any degree and relevant skills
Last date: 7 September

7) Marketing Internship in Walfruit Technologies
Place: Hyderabad
Stipend: Rs 8000 - 10000 per month
Qualifications: Any degree in relevant skills
Last date: 6 September

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