07 September 2016

Cisco Company requires Software Engineers at Bangalore - 2016

Cisco Company requires Software Engineers for its center at Bangalore - India. Candidates require experience in Linux system software development.

Qualification: Candidates should have BS/ MS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering and experience with some of AAA protocols, openSSL, IPSEC, IKEv1, IKEv2 is preferred.

Candidates also require routing and networking knowledge including TCP / IP, UDP, NAT and strong C/C++ programming and debugging skills in embedded real-time systems is a must.

Applicants are expected to have demonstrated experience with automation development in Python/TCL and automation environment and strong knowledge of Linux development tools such as gdb, eclipse, buildroot, crosstool-ng, etc.

All the candidates need strong written and verbal communications skills and ability to work effectively with other individuals in groups such as engineering, test, customer advocacy, and product management.