13 September 2016

Latest Internships in Unimart, Proximity, INBISCO India, Procode, IBSR Inc and Mutterfly Companies - 2016

Following are some of the latest internships for candidates with various qualifications and skills. The companies offer stipend along with internship opportunity for the qualified candidates.

1) IBSR INC offers Human Resources Internship. Stipend is Rs. 1000 per month. Residents of visakhapatnam only eligible. Last date for the applications is 21 September 2016.

2) Unimart is offering social media blogging and content writing internship at Hyderabad. Stipend is Rs. 8000 - 10000 per month. Candidates need MBA, BBA, Journalism, Mass Communication, Humanities, Fashion Technology, Hospitality etc. Last date is 21 September 2016.

3) Proximity Sports Management is offering mobile app development internship (work from home offer) for candidates with skills in Java, XML, Android etc. Stipend is Rs. 5000 per month. Last date is 21 September 2016.

4) Mutterfly company is offering graphic design internship with a stipend of Rs. 4000 - 7000 per month. Candidates need Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Photography, UI - UX Design. Last date is 21 September 2016.

5) INBISCO India has internship opportunities at Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai with a stipend of Rs. 20000. Last date for applications is 18 September 2016.

6) Procode Softtech at Hyderabad is offering web development internships for candidates with Javascript and ASP.NET, C++, Dot Net, Phonegap skills. Stipend is Rs. 5000 - 10000 per month. Last date is 19 September 2016.

7) Industry ARC at Hyderabad is offering content writing internships with a stipend of Rs. 6000 - 12000 per month. Candidates need blogging, search engine, optimisation skills. Last date is 16 September 2016.

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