06 September 2016

Quantitative Aptitude for Bank Clerks and POs Prelims and Main Exams

While practicing, repetition is important in Maths. Learn how to solve problems by doing them. Keep on practicing problems, but don't do it blindly. Make sure you learn when or why you should use a specific method to solve a problem.

Directions (Q.1-4): Each of the following questions below consists of a question and three statements denoted A, B and C. You have to study the questions and the statements and decide whether the question can be answered with any one or two or all of the statements together.

1. Find the percentage change in the area of the rectangle.
A) The length of the rectangle is increased by 5%.
B) The breadth is increased by 10%.
C) The area of the rectangle is 168 sq.m.
1) A & C 2) Only C 3) A & B
4) All the three 5) None of these

2. Find the volume of a cone?
A) Lateral surface area of the cone is 550 sq.cm.
B) Area of a square, whose side is equal to the radius of the base of the cone is 49 sq.cm.
C) Height of the cone is 24 cm.
1) A & B 2) B & C 3) Any two
4) 1 & 2 5) None of these

3. Find the number of boys passed.
A) Total number of students attended the exam is 280.
B) 45% of the students failed in the exam.
C) 89 girls passed in the exam.
1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C
4) Any one 5) All the three

4. What is the speed of the boat?
A) The downstream is 13 kmph.
B) The speed of the current is 4 kmph.
C) The upstream is 5 kmph.
1) A & B 2) B & C 3) A & C
4) Any two 5) All the three

5. The average price of 16 different books is Rs.18 while the average price of 14 of these books is Rs.16.5. Of the remaining two books, if the price of one is 50% of the other, what is the price of these two books?
1) Rs.13, Rs.26 2) Rs.17, Rs.34
3) Rs.19, Rs.38 4) Rs.16.40, Rs.32.80
5) None of these

6. A sum of Rs.7,200 amounts to Rs.9,360 in 6 years at a certain rate of simple interest. What would be the amount, if the rate of interest is increased by 4%?
1) Rs.10,880 2) Rs.11,088 3) Rs.10,080
4) Rs.11,200 5) None of these

7. Four persons can reap 12 acres in 10 days by working for 9 hours a day. For how many hours in a day would 5 persons have to work in order to reap 16 acres in 8 days?
1) 12 hours 2) 9 hours 3) 10 hours
4) 8 hours 5) None of these

8. A started a business by investing Rs.60,000. Six months later B joined him by investing Rs.1,40,000. After another six months A added Rs.1,20,000 to his investment. At the end of two years from the commencement of the business, they earn a profit of Rs.4,65,000. What is A's share in the profit?
1) Rs.1,40,000 2) Rs.2,17,000
3) Rs.2,48,000 4) Rs.2,10,000 5) None of these

9. A class starts at 9.15 a.m and lasts till 12.38 p.m. Four periods are held during this interval. After every period, 5 minutes are given free to the students. What is the exact duration of each period (in minutes)?
1) 52 2) 48 3) 51 4) 50 5) None

Answers:  1-3; 2-4; 3-5; 4-4; 5-3; 6-2; 7-1; 8-3; 9-5.

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