21 October 2016

English Language - Correction of Sentences for IBPS Clerks, POs, RRBs and Specialist Officers - 2016

Directions (Q.1-5): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it.
The error, if any in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5).

1. My teacher is enough pleased (1)/ with my sincerity (2)/ and devotion to duty (3)/ and recommended my promotion. (4)/ No error (5).

2. Kiran is not by no means (1)/ as efficient as his friend. (2)/ Hence his friend receives (3)/ accolades from all the Directors. (4)/ No error (5).

3. As per his promise (1)/ Ravi carried out (2)/ the entire work (3)/ quicker than we expected. (4)/ No error (5).

4. All the delegates (1)/ spoke at length (2)/ regarding the positive impact of the Scheme
(3)/ at the meeting last night. (4)/ No error (5).

5. The members of the family (1)/ do not remember (2)/ ever having paid (3)/ a visit to the holy shrine. (4)/ No error (5).

Directions (Q: 6-10): Which of the phrases 1), 2), 3), 4) given below each sentence should replace the phrase in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is mark (5) as the answer.

6. Prasath accompanied with his friends and reached the destination safely.
1) accompanied his friends
2) accompanied at his friends
3) accompanied about his friends
4) accompanied for his friends
5) No correction required

7. Dravid has enough of experience and can be taken as a coach.
1) Dravid had enough of experience
2) Dravid experience enough
3) Dravid has enough experience
4) Dravid's enough of experience
5) No correction required

8. Many participants combated the views of the speaker.
1) combated on the views
2) combated at the views
3) combated over the views
4) combated upon the views
5) No correction required

9. Your error does not admit of an excuse.
1) do not admit of an excuse
2) does not admit an excuse
3) may not admit an excuse
4) does admit an excuse
5) No correction required

10. We believe in the existence of God.
1) We believe on
2) We believe over
3) We believe for
4) We are believing on God
5) No correction require


1-1; It should be 'pleased enough'
2-1; It should be 'any means'
3-4; It should be 'more quickly'
4-5; No error;
5-5; No error