17 March 2017

APPSC Deletes Three Questions from Group 2 Screening Test - 2017

The APPSC has announced that three questions from Group 2 screening test evaluation due to various reasons. The framing of questions and options have been given wrong in those three questions. Hence the Group 2 question paper will be evaluated for 147 questions. The explanation given by APPSC for those three questions along with two other mistakes in the offical key.

Question: The annual real growth rate of GDP of India in 2014-15 is:
Decision of APPSC: The answer is pre-revised figure. The answer is revised to 7.2% in January, 2016. As there is no correct answer, the question is deleted.

Question: The bronze medal of Yogeshwar Dutt in Wrestling in 2012 London Olympics was upgraded to silver because the following wrester failed dope test.
Decision of APPSC: There is an error in the framing of the question. Instead of
"was upgraded", it should have been "was to be upgraded". The question is deleted.

Question: As per Agricultural Census, 2010-11, small and medium holdings constitute about 85% of the total number of holdings in India but the operated area of these holdings out of the total operated area is only.
Decision of APPSC: The question is wrongly worded. Instead of "small and
marginal", small and medium is used and there is no correct answer. Therefore, the question is deleted.

Question: Budget of Government of India used to be presented as per tradition at 5 30 P M in the Lok Sabha. In which year, the time of presentation was shifted to 11 00 A M.
Decision of APPSC: The correct option is 1. It was in February, 1999, the then FM, Yashwant Sinha presented the budget at 11 AM.

Question: Under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana, what is the annual premium to be paid by the policy holder to get accidental insurance cover?
Decision of APPSC: Option 2 i.e Rs 12/- inclusive of service tax is correct in light of notification no: 12/2015-ST dated 30/04/2015 issued by CBEC.

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