06 March 2017

Indian Economy Objective Bits for Group 2 and Panchayat Secretaries Exams of APPSC

Following are the important objective multiple choice questions useful for Group - 2 Mains and Panchayat Secretaries exam in Andhra Pradesh to be conducted by APPSC. The questions are from Indian Economy subject.

1) Who is the then Finance Minister of India to introduce LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) development model in 1991?
A) Dr. Manmohan Singh
B) PV Narasimha Rao
C) Rajiv Gandhi
D) Yashwant Sinha

2) Deficit in BOP (Balance of Payments) of India as on 1990-91 has reached to...
A) 9.7 Billion Dollars
B) 9.5 Billion Dollars
C) 9.9 Billion Dollars
D) 9.3 Billion Dollars

3) Who intriduced the concept of Free Trade (Laissez Faire)?
A) JM Keynes
B) Jagadish Bhagawati
C) Adam Smith
D) Amartya Sen

4) Identify the industries reserved for public sector in 1991 New Industrial Policy.
A) Defence Equipment
B) Atomic Energy
C) Railway Transport
D) All the above

5) Which of the following sectors is not allowed 100 percent foreign direct investment?
A) Banks
B) Insurance
C) Pension
D) All the above

6) MRTP (Monopoly Restriction and Trade Practices) Act was passed in...?
A) 1967
B) 1968
C) 1969
D) 1970

7) Who is the Prime Minister of Britain to introduce economic reforms in that country?
A) Tony Blair
B) Margaret Thacher
C) Churchill
D) Theresa May

8) Disinvestment is part of the which of the following practices?
A) Liberalisation
B) Privatisation
C) Globalisation
D) All the above

9) Which of the following is a Multi National Company?
A) Samsung
B) Videocon
C) Godrej
D) Dabur

10) National Investment Fund was started in the year...?
A) 2002
B) 2003
C) 2004
D) 2005



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