29 May 2017

11428 Vidya Volunteers Recruitment in Telangana Schools - 2017

The Government of Telangana has decided to appoint 11428 Vidya Volunteers in the schools located in all 31 districts. The appointments will be through school management committees for the academic year 2017-18 with an allowance of Rs. 12000 per month.

Earlier their salary was Rs. 8000 per month. The Vidya Volunteers will be engaged from 12th June 2017 to the last working day of the academic year. The District Collectors and District Educational Officers (DEOs) would deploy Vidya Volunteers in schools.

The appointments will be temporary and will be terminated any time based on justifiable grounds. The DEOs would allot roster points first to the mandal by arranging mandal names in alphabetical order. The selection process and verification of volunteers would be completed before 9 June 2017.