13 June 2017

NTR Vidyannathi Scheme - Civils Coaching Centers Preference and Selection

Following are the civil services coaching centers selected by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to impart free coaching under NTR Vidyannathi Scheme. Candidates can give their order of preference of the institutions while applying online for the scheme.

1. Alternative learning systems, Delhi
2. Analog IAS, Bangalore
3. Analog IAS, Guntur
4. Analog IAS, Hyderabad
5. Brain Tree, Hyderabad
6. Dr.Lakshmaiah Study IAS Circle, Hyderabad
7. Krishna Pradeep (21st century), Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam
8. Krishna Pradeep (21st century), Visakhapatnam
9. La excellence, Hyderabad
10. RC Reddy IAS Study Circle, Hyderabad
11. Shankar IAS Academy, Chennai
12. Sriram IAS, Delhi
13. Toppers IAS Academy, Hyderabad
14. Universal Coaching Centre, Bangalore
15. Varsity, Hyderabad

Depending on the reputation of the institute and quality of faculty, candidates can choose RC Reddy IAS Study Circle (Hyderabad), Braintree (Hyderabad), Sriram IAS (Delhi) etc.

Candidates can check the credibility of the institute and experience of the faculty for various subjects before choosing institute.

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