30 June 2017

TTD Tirupati Care takers, Sastra Pandit and Other Posts - 2017

TTD, SV Veda Vijnanapeetham invites applications for Veda / Divyaprabandha/ Agama/ Smarta/ Sanskrit Pandits for enrolment of Adhyapaka/ caretaker on sambhavana basis.

1. Rigvedam (Sakala): 02 Posts
2. Shuklayajurvedam (Kanva): 02 Posts
3. Krishnayajurvedam (Taittiriya): 02 Posts
4. Krishnayajurvedam (Maitrayani): 01 Post
5. Samavedam (Kouthuma): 02 Posts
6. Samavedam (Jaiminiya): 01 Post
7. Divyaprabandham: 01 Post
8. Pancharatragamam: 01 Post
9. Chattada Srivaishnavagamam: 01 Post
10. Krishnayajurveda Smartam: 01 Post
11. Sastra Pandit: 03 Posts
12. Care takers: 08 Posts

Qualifications: Post Graduate/ Certificate (Relevant discipline).
Age: Between 18 to 42 years.


Must possess Kramantam/Ghanantam/Salakshana Ghanantam certificate in Rigvedam,
Shuklayajurvedam, Krishnayajurveda (Taittiriya), Moolantam certificate in Krishnayajurveda
(Maitrayneeya), Chandogyantam/Asthabramhanantam certificate in Samavedam (Kouthuma),
Chandogyantam/Bramhanantam certificate in Samavedam (Jaiminiya) from recognized institute.

Must possess a Nalayira Divyaprabandham certificate from recognized institute.

Must possess a Pratisthantam certificate from recognized institute.

Must possess a Shodasa Karmantam from a recognized institute.

A Pass in Post Graduate level examination in Sastra.

Must possess a certificate in Veda/Agama/Smarta from a recognized institute.

Rs. 18000/- per month and free accommodation subject to availability for Veda, Prabandha, Agama, Smarta and Sastra Pandits.
@ Rs. 15000/- per month and free transit accommodation subject to availability for caretakers.

Application Procedure:

Filled applications in prescribed format should reach to the Principal, SV Veda Vijnanapeetham, Dharmagiri, Tirumala on or before 31.07.2017 with complete particulars such as proof of age, Qualification certificate etc., along with two recent passport size photos.

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