19 August 2017

Portal for Recruitment in Maharashtra Government Departments - 2017

The State Government of Maharashtra will soon launch a dedicated portal to conduct recruitment examinations for various posts in all departments. This is intended at bringing transparency, accountability and weed out loopholes in the recruitment process.

The initiative is aimed at preventing controversies in the recruitment process due to possibilities of corrupt practices being adopted. The Maharashtra Information Technology Corporation has partnered with IT firm UST Global to develop the recruitment portal.

The Government departments concerned will have to upload its recruitment announcements and set of questionnaire on the portal for any recruitment. The recruitment exams will be conducted via the IT
Corporation at dedicated centres.

The recruitment portal will also have a set format for question papers. Out of the hundreds of questions uploaded on the portal and encrypted on it, the portal will automatically choose a set of questions for the examinee.

The Government of Maharashtra has also made all the recruitments time-bound and results will also be displayed online almost instantly. The portal will be officially launched on September 1, 2017. The Rural Development department has already started the recruitment exams through intranet (in house) facility of the portal.