21 September 2017

5491 Vacancies in Anganwadis in Telangana State - 2017

As many as 5491 vacancies will be filled in Anganwadis by the Government of Telangana State. The vacancies are there in the positions of Anganwadi teachers, assistant teachers (mini Anganwadi teachers) and aayas.

The Government has made 10th Class / SSC qualification as mandatory for the appointment of Anganwadi teachers. The Government is securing the information of vacancies in various districts.

The recruitment process has already been started in Mahaboobnagar district. The total vacancies are estimated at 5491 in all the districts except Mahabubnagar.

Out of the total vacancies, 1483 posts are for teachers, 2961 aayaas and 1047 mini anganwadi teachers posts are there. There will 5398 more vacancies after the implementation of retirement scheme.

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