10 September 2017

English Vocabulary for Competitive Exams - Banks, SSC, Insurance and PSC Exams

Following is the vocabulary for competitive / recruitment examinations. This is useful for bank clerks, POs, SSC - CGL / CHSL examinations.

1. Avail = make use of
Eg: He availed himself of the holidays to go on a visit to Kashmir.
Note: Avail is always followed by oneself and of.
You can avail yourself of the money to buy a bike.
Avail X uselessness.
Eg: He felt sorry at the uselessness of his holidays.

2. Provide = supply / offer
Eg: The job provides you house rent allowance.
Provide X Deny
Eg: They denied him the opportunity of meeting the minister.

3. Hurdle = Obstruction / hindrance /obstacle
Eg: There are several hurdles to his promotion
Hurdle X Advantage / ease
Eg: He has the advantage of being the manager's cousin.

4. Aspiration = Hope or ambition of achieving something
Eg: His aspiration is to become a political leader.
Aspiration X Indifference
Eg: He is indifferent to his chances of promotion.

5. Succinct = Brief and clearly explained
Eg: Our teacher's teaching is succinct Succinct X Lengthy
Eg: His explanation of the incident was lengthy and boring.

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