20 February 2018

JLM Posts in Telangana - Written Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Following are the details of written exam pattern and syllabus for Junior Lineman posts in Telangana. The same procedure of selection will be followed for all circles in AP also.

Scheme of Exam:

ITI (Electrical Trade) and General Knowledge: 80 questions. There will be 65 questions from ITI electrical trade and 15 questions from General Knowledge. Duration of the exam is 120 minutes and total marks are 80.


PAPER - A: ITI (Electrical Trade)

1. Fundamentals of electricity: Electrical occupational safety, tools, Ohms law, Kirchoffs law, series, parallel, Kirchoffs law and star delta, problems – Electrostatics and capacitors. Earthing principles and methods of earthing

2. Batteries: primary and secondary, lead acid cells, methods of charging - testing and application of batteries, invertors, battery chargers and maintenance

3. Magnetism: Magnetic materials and properties - laws of magnetism – electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction.

4. Fundamentals of AC: Simple problems of AC fundamentals, power, power factor, single phase and three phase circuits

5. Basic Electronics: Electronic components, rectifiers, amplifiers, oscillators and power electronic components

6. DC Machines: construction, working principle and simple problems on DC generators and motors, speed control and applications of DC motors –windings

7. Transformers: construction, working principle, basic concepts and simple problems on transformers – windings – auto transformers, power transformers, CT & PT

8. AC Machines: basic concepts, construction principle and simple problems on three phase and single phase induction motor, universal motor, alternators, synchronous motors and their applications and windings - concept of power electronic drives

9. Electrical measurements –Different types of AC and DC measuring instruments, Domestic appliances and Illumination concepts - types of electric lamps

10. Electric Power generation- thermal, hydal and nuclear, transmission and distribution system – basic concepts, non-conventional energy sources.


1. Current affairs.
2. International Relations and Events.
3. General Science in everyday life.
4. Environmental Issues and Disaster Management.
5. Geography and Economy of India and Telangana.
6. Indian Constitution: Salient Features.
7. Indian Political System and Government.
8. Modern Indian History with a focus on Indian National Movement.
9. History of Telangana and Telangana Movement.
10. Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana.
11. Policies of Telangana State.