05 July 2018

TSRTC Junior Assistants Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Following are the details of scheme and syllabus for TSRTC Junior Assistants recruitment - 2018. The question paper will be in 10th standard. Here are the details:

Paper 1 - General Knowledge: 150 questions. Duration is 150 minutes. Maximum marks are 150.

Paper 2 - Secretarial Abilities: 150 questions. Duration is 150 minutes. Maximum marks are 150.

Both the papers will be given in Telugu, English and Urdu mediums. Following is the syllabus for both the papers:

Paper 1 - General Knowledge:

1. Current affairs.
2. International Relations and Events.
3. General Science in everyday life.
4. Environmental Issues and Disaster Management.
5. Geography and Economy of India and Telangana.
6. Indian Constitution: Salient Features.
7. Indian Political System and Government.
8. Modern Indian History with a focus on Indian National Movement.
9. History of Telangana and Telangana Movement.
10. Society, Culture, Heritage, Arts and Literature of Telangana.
11. Policies of Telangana State.

Paper 2 - Secretarial Abilities:

1) Mental Ability. (Verbal and non-verbal)
2) Logical Reasoning.
3) Comprehension.
4) Re-arrangement of sentences with a view to improving analysis of a passage.
5) Numerical and Arithmetical abilities.

Practical Examination:

Proficiency in Office Automation Syllabus:

Part A - Typing a letter / passage / paragraph ( about 100-150 words ) in MS-Word
Part B - Preparation of a Table / Graph in MS-Excel
Part C - Preparation of Power Point Presentations / Slides
(Two) on MS-Power Point.
Part D - Displaying the content of E-mail (Inbox).

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