23 November 2018

AP - DSC Online Mock Tests 2018 for SGT and School Assistants

Candidates those applied for AP - DSC / TET cum TRT can avail mock tests for practice as the teachers recruitment test this time will be a online test. Online mock tests of AP - DSC 2018 are available on the website https://apdsc.apcfss.in/jsp/Mocktest.jsp  .

Andhra Pradesh Teacher Recruitment (TRT & TET CUM TRT)
Mock Test Services - 2018

Online Mock Tests are available for these subjects:
Secondary Grade Teacher
School Assistant: Languages,  English,  Tamil,  Hindi,  Sanskrit,  Telugu, Non Languages,  Biological  Science,  Social Studies,  Physical Science,  Mathematics.

Language Pandit:  Telugu,  Sanskrit,  Hindi,  Tamil
Post Graduate Teacher: Languages -   Telugu,  Hindi; Non Languages -  Mathematics,  Biological Science
Physical Science,  Social Studies.

Trained Graduate Teacher : Languages -  Telugu,  Hindi,  English,  Sanskrit; Non Languages - 
Mathematics,  Science,  Social Studies
Physical Education Teacher
Art and Drawing

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