MBA Regular Vs Distance Mode - Which is Better and More Useful

MBA is today the most demanded in the corporate for Management career. With changing

needs of Corporates, educational institutions are coming up with various ways of pursuing

this highly popular course to suit the needs of the graduates, working professionals and other

streams of MBA aspirants. Generally when we hear the word EDUCATION the first thought

which strikes our mind is Books!!!!!!!!!!! We even remember teachers, professors, college,

rules and regulations. Popular perception says that “Education is putting in to practice which

we study and application of acquired knowledge from the faculty members’.


Basically most popular options for pursuing MBA are Regular and Distance Education.

Regular is mostly picked up by fresh graduates where they attend college regularly for 2

years including 60 days of Project work and follow the course curriculum with standard

monitor of college Faculty and lecturers. On the other hand, Distance mode is usually opted

by working professionals who attend weekend classes and get study material with Guest

Lectures. This article would try to cover the advantages and disadvantages of both the modes

of Education in terms of certain options.



 Graduates are rushing to work in their early age and to earn more wages but not to waste

much time which really doesn’t make any sense to them. Keeping this into consideration,

distance has come into wide popularity. There are few colleges which offer this type of

courses by providing them weekend classes with semester exams where they will provide

certificates soon after the duration. which doesn’t have that weight age which regular one has.



  •  Offer an advantage to study and acquire qualification while working
  •  They have an opportunity to practice or observe the subject they are studying in their own
  • companies rather than going to colleges
  •  Due to experience, they acquire adapt the subject and change their mindset towards the work
  •  Ability to translate learnings quickly by applying to work
  •  Have the opportunity to opt for courses which are unavailable in their resident cities.
  •  Privilege to be placed in their own work place soon after the completion of courses if found
  • to be competent



  •  Flexibility at work will not be continued in the academics
  • Time can be saved and knowledge usage for work is high and can earn more money in earlier stages
  • Hard to find stability or seriousness in academics which is one of the main points which pulls them down.
  • They miss the opportunity of continuous group interaction
  • Though being active at work because of hallow understanding of the concept and due to lack of faculty on need may lead into a clue less consequences and improper subject understanding.
  • Due to different working experience, corporates might not prefer them in recruiting them as corporate prefers fresh minds rather than already installed mindset


Most preferred option, most of the graduates take up regular from the list of colleges

available to them depending on their credentials and choice. While choosing Regular, factors

to be considered would be college credibility, infrastructure, college Placement, Visiting &

Guest Faculty and the Alumni record.


  •  It helps to build a disciplined and an organized life style
  •  Respective colleges brand name can be carried over
  •  Provides ground to build team spirit, soft skills where it mirrors the ability to learn
  •  Can get the opportunity where it will be easy for them to interact with the corporates because
  • of the brand of the college with visits of highly designated people from companies will be very often
  •  Have a direct touch with the subject in long term process


  •  No practical exposure and poor understanding of company requirements
  •  Being too bookish can not attain anything instead may leave with sweet memories
  •  Because of low maturity levels and cant think beyond
  •  Lack workable skills and take lot of senior time to understand and implement learnings
  •  Difficult to reach desired career options and companies if choice of college is wrong



  •  Less education and more exposure is worthless
  •  By having strong foundation can have firm footing in the market


  •  More education less exposure is useless
  •  Practical exposure is like a mother who feeds ever


MBA – a platform to start or accelerate management career would basically looks into you’re

your competency and attitude to excel as individual and team.The very first thing to be

adhered is to choose to choose your specialization even before you pick your college or mode

of education. This will give clarity on the field you want to be in and the best mode of

education suiting one’s profile.

(Contributed on request by  K. Ramachandra Rao, Dean, Indus Business School)


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